7 ways to enjoy your finer things

7 ways to enjoy your finer things. (click here)

This is a blog post by my dear friend since 7th grade, Teresa.  I always loved to visit her home growing up… they were great hosts and I loved their Spanish culture (and their “culture” –  exposing me to many of the arts), cooking (her dad’s baked chicken with potatoes were the best!), and “fineries” (still remember your collections of lladros, etc).

Thanks to Teresa, I just switched from a big ol’ Texas-sized coffee mug (which I love for my coffee) to drink my daily hot tea from (a new ritual… I have discovered loose-leaf oolong tea, jasmine is great, as is a champagne-rose oolong tea, made in my diffuser) into one of my mother-in-law’s fine china teacups that was just sitting in the china buffet!  I think I will also start using the cloth napkins, and burn more candles, etc. (Thanks, Teresa, for the great reminder to use those finer things!)

Enjoy her post!

2 thoughts on “7 ways to enjoy your finer things

  1. Thank you so much, Sharon! Your words about our childhood and your experience in our home made my day!! Enjoy your tea and coffee! Love, Teresa

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